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Employee rights overview

Initial employee rights

  • New employees can immediately share in all existing negotiated wages, progression improvements, benefit improvements, and any improvements related to terms and conditions of employment from day one.
  • MAPE represented employees have the right to equal representation regardless of member status.

Article 1 -- Association Recognition

  • Your supervisor cannot force you to negotiate or agree to anything outside the existing terms and conditions of your contract. This prevents an Appointing Authority from forcing employees to waive a contract provision in exchange for a favorable duty, review, transfer, or promotion.

Article 2 -- Strikes and Lockouts

  • Employees who are able and available to work cannot be barred
    from the workplace illegally or in violation of the contract.
  • Employees have the right to strike only after following all legal requirements and secret-ballot voting to do so in conformance with the MAPE Constitution and Bylaws.

Article 4 -- Non-Discrimination

  • Employer and the union have mutual responsibility to ensure that the Minnesota Human Rights Act is not violated.
  • Union has an additional duty to ensure that all MAPE-represented employees are treated equally despite membership status.
  • Dignity and respect in the workplace is mutually desired and encouraged.

Article 6 -- Employee Rights

  • You have the right to an accurate position description.
  • The employer has an obligation to give employees an annual review based upon an accurate position description. „ Employees have the right to an annual progression increase upon satisfactory performance.
  • Employees have the right to ask for additional achievement award bonuses based upon outstanding team or individual work or projects.

Article 8 -- Discipline and Discharge

  • Union representation must be offered by the employer whenever
    employees are being investigated about issues that may result in personal discipline. „
  • Employees need not supply information without representation when one reasonably believes the investigation may lead to discipline.

Article 9 -- Grievance Procedure

  • Employees who receive discipline have the right to grieve that discipline based upon failure to meet just cause.
  • All employees, regardless of membership status, have a right to union representation when challenging a disciplinary action.

Article 16 -- Filling of Vacancies

  • Employees have the right to bid on same classification openings within their agency. „Employees must be provided an interview when applying for a transfer opportunity.
  • The employer must provide a legitimate business reason for denying bids but not for transfers.

Article 17 -- Layoff and Recall

  • Employees have the right to fill other positions for which they qualify in the agency or state when faced with layoff. „ These rights are afforded by crediting job seniority as a factor.
  • Employees who have been laid off have a right to mandatory recall for up to four years.

Article 19 -- Work Rules

  • Employees have the right to reasonable work rules that are not
    over burdensome, disrespectful and harassing in nature.
  • Questionable or unreasonable work rules can be discussed in meet-and-confer meetings or can be grieved if no other resolution comes about.