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MAPE has been the exclusive representative of the highly skilled professional employees of bargaining unit 214 for more than three decades at the bargaining table, with your employer, in the workplace and at the Minnesota Legislature. MAPE advocates for fair compensation in support of the vital services our members provide to Minnesotans, while ensuring the state’s workforce is treated with respect and dignity.

MAPE fends off external challenges, working with coalitions and partners to protect us from the well-financed anti-union, anti-middle class movement. MAPE fights for fair contracts in an oftentimes tough political climate. MAPE has worked hard over the last decade to prevent furloughs, minimize layoffs, avoid privatization, survive two shutdowns, negotiate fair contracts, and preserve state employees’ workplace protections and collective bargaining rights. This challenge can’t be taken lightly, as battles to take away negotiated rights, benefits and union jobs persist in Minnesota, neighboring Wisconsin and all across this country.

MAPE is a well-respected member of the labor community and numerous additional partner organizations. From the environment to public safety, jobs and economic development, food safety, corrections and everything in between, MAPE employees help make this a great state in which to live. MAPE members are truly proud to work for Minnesota.

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As a state employee, your job and workplace are directly affected by the political process in Minnesota. That’s why MAPE's Political Action Committee (PAC) works to influence political decision-makers. Decisions made by the Legislature, governor and other constitutional officers directly impact our job satisfaction and our quality of life.

The PAC endorses, volunteers and makes financial contributions to candidates who support MAPE members and the work we do. It is through this hard work in the political trenches that Team MAPE members help elect MAPE-friendly candidates.

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