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Special election: Statewide first vice president

Official announcement: Special election

Statewide first vice president

Nominations open March 7, 2018, for the following MAPE position:

  • First vice president

Nominations close April 6, 2018.

Voting for this special election opens May 9 and closes May 30, 2018. The method of balloting will be hybrid electronic (web-based) voting.

Nominations may be sent to:
MAPE Statewide Elections Committee
C/O Sierra Plunkett
3460 Lexington Avenue North, Suite 300
Shoreview, MN 55126

Or to:

Special election toolkit:

  • Position description: First vice president. The first vice president shall preside at meetings of the Delegate Assembly, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee at which the president is not in attendance. After completing advanced steward training, the first vice president shall chair the Employee Rights Committee. The first vice president shall chair the Job Action Committee. The first vice president shall perform other duties as directed by the president or Board of Directors.

  • For more information, please go here to our governing documents: