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Marcia Bierschenk wins Region 21 special election

Date: Oct. 9
To: Board of Directors
From: Statewide Elections Committee Re: Certificat8ion of special election for Region 21 director


The MAPE Region 21 special election for Director was conducted in accordance with MAPE election rules and bylaws using web-based voting conducted by MAPE’s vendor, BigPulse.

In this web-based election, 698 members were eligible to vote. BigPulse sent emails containing election instructions to all eligible voters.

Balloting was completed at 11:59 p.m. Friday, Oct. 6. The total number of members voting was 372 out of 698 eligible voters, a participation rate of 53.3 percent.

The attached report shows that Marcia Bierschenk was selected as director of Region 21 with 55.9 percent of the votes.

Vote totals:

Marcia Bierschenk 208
Andrea Falk 164

Pursuant to MAPE Election Rules, Article VII Section 8, the attached results are hereby certified and will be posted to the MAPE website.

Statewide Elections Committee members:
Mike Landers, Chair
Robert “Bubba” Aguirre
Mary Welliver
Benjamin Stoebner
Christopher Cimafranca