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Board of Directors meeting Oct. 20


Board of Directors meeting Oct. 20
3460 Lexington Ave N, Shoreview, MN 55126

8:30 a.m.
Call to Order/Roll Call/Announcements/Housekeeping/New Local Officers/Retirements

Adoption of Agenda

Time Certain:
9:00 DA Debrief
11:30 Members Comments
1:00 75% Membership Plan & XYZ Training – Lina Jamoul & Ashley Erickson

DRAFT BOD Minutes:
• June 15, 2017
• August 18, 2017
• September 22-23, 2017 (DA)
• September 23


Treasurer’s Report
Financial Report

Secretary’s Report
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: DRAFT October 6, 2017

2nd Vice President’s Report
Membership Report
Fee Payer/Member Reports

1st Vice President’s Report
Grievance Report
ERC Update

Opportunities and Strategic Planning
Member Survey
Strategic Plan – communication and implementation
Update from Committee on Committees (Ellena Schoop)
Update from Restructure Committee

President’s Report

Staff Reports
Executive Director and Staff

Statewide Committee Reports and PAC

Unfinished Business
Conflicts Committee

New Business
MHFA (Local 602) move
Update on Executive Director Hiring & BA Hiring
- Schedule conference call for BA hire
Update on Health Care Joint Labor Management, Terry Nelson
2018 Committee Grant Criteria
Election Rules – Jerry Jeffries
Board Training November 16th
December BOD meeting
2018 BOD schedule
Gubernatorial endorsement
Member resignation policy

Region Reports

Committee Reports


Board Stewards’ Report

Meet & Confer Reports – Included

Next Board Meeting(s) November 17, 2017

Good & Welfare

Standing Rules:
Time Certain Adjournment: No later than 4:30 PM. Extensions in ½ hour increments, require a 2/3 vote to extend. Debate is limited to 3 speakers for and 3 speakers against the motion on the floor. To amend or rescind 2/3 vote is required. Majority required for suspension.

Please bring any carryover items back with you each month as they will not be reproduced.