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#UNION photos needed for social media

MAPE is joining together with other local unions in a solidarity action to show that unions are important, necessary and a good deal for members, state government and the Minnesotans we serve.

The unions are asking members to hold a sign with “#UNION,” as actress Sally Field did in the labor movie “Norma Rae,” and share them on your social media accounts. We also ask that you tag @MAPEmn in your posts and include #UNION in the captions. There are also suggested social media posts below for your use.

See sample photo below.


Sample social media messages include:

  • Twitter: “Show your union pride! Tweet your UNION photo with #UNION!”
  • Twitter: “Stand with working people with a picture of your #UNION sign!”
  • Twitter: “We won’t let a court case stop us from standing up for what’s right for working people. Show your solidarity with a #UNION selfie!”
  • Facebook: “Today, the Supreme Court ruled on Janus v. AFSCME, a blatant attack on unions, working people, and the causes we fight for. We won’t let any court case stop us from organizing. Share your #UNION photo to show that we’re sticking together!”
  • Facebook: “United we bargain, divided we beg! Working folks sticking together have the power to unrig our democracy and move more people into middle class – especially women and people of color. Show your solidarity by posting a #UNION photo!”