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Tell us how the state is doing in addressing sexual harassment

Stories of sexual harassment and misconduct have dominated the news recently, and much of it hits close to home. From stories of harassment at the Capitol to issues in state agencies, it’s become evident that there is work to do in enhancing state policies surrounding this sensitive issue. Protecting your right to a safe, respectful work environment is one of our core principles, and MAPE has reached out to proactively help the state address these issues.

Helping the state improve its policies is important, but it’s imperative that our union staff and volunteer leaders have the training and resources available to make sure our union activities are held to a high standard. Review of staff, board, steward and local leadership training is underway, and we’ll be rolling out updates in the next several weeks.

Gov. Dayton recently issued a letter to MMB Commissioner Myron Frans asking his agency to assess to the state’s sexual harassment policy. MAPE has been given a unique opportunity to be involved in the updating of the policy. We have offered to collect personal stories from our members to help personify the policies and procedures HR follows. We will provide recommendations of what would be beneficial to include in the updated policy, and we will have the chance to review a draft of the updated policy before publication. The state’s current policy is available on MMB’s website.

To better gauge our members’ experiences with the state’s sexual harassment policy, we’ve created a short, anonymous survey, available here: Please complete the survey by Dec. 13.

MAPE is also hosting a dinner discussion on Dec. 13 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at the MAPE Office. Members are encouraged to attend and share their stories or provide feedback on the policy. There will be resources available and dinner provided. Please register here so we have a headcount for dinner:

If you’re interested in being a part of the larger work around this issue and can’t join us Dec. 13, there will be future opportunities to get involved in the weeks to come.

Our vision is to organize, develop leaders, and build power to change lives for the better, and this work is foundational to that success. MAPE will continue to lead by example, and we hope you’ll join us in this work, and more, in the days and weeks ahead.