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One month after Janus update

For more than two years MAPE has been anticipating the loss of fair share fees. Union leadership faced the Janus case head-on by recruiting new leaders, launching membership initiatives and engaging our members like never before. MAPE’s Statewide 2nd Vice President Joan Treichel says it’s these tireless efforts leading up to the June 27 Supreme Court decision and dedication in the month since that’s given her a “great hope for our future as a union and as public servants in Minnesota.”

Though the union prepared for the loss of fee payers, nobody anticipated the influx of new members MAPE would gain after the Janus ruling, a case that attempted to weaken our union but instead did the opposite. MAPE’s overall membership grew almost two percent within the first month since the ruling and only 46 members have dropped out of the union.

At right, MAPE's Board of Directors shows their support for their union at a recent board meeting.

MAPE set a record of new members joining MAPE in a single day and shattered any previous high-water mark of new members in any given month with 357 new members opting into MAPE since the Janus decision. MAPE membership is now at 73 percent, higher than any other time in recent history.

“None of this would have been possible without our loyal MAPE local leaders,” Treichel said. “I can’t thank them enough for being a pillar in MAPE’s success and for being a warrior against continued attacks on public sector unions nationwide.”

MAPE’s work is not done. The first 30 days of any new employee’s tenure with the state is a critical window when a conversation with them about their union is most important. The longer a state employee remains a non-member, the harder it is to recruit them. The MAPE Board has also approved funding for locals to do organizing. If that is something your local is interested in, please reach out to Treichel or your organizing business agent.

“I believe we’re stronger than ever, and we can continue to build more power if we all stay committed to talking to our coworkers about the value of MAPE, the strength we have in numbers and the benefits of being a part of a union that works for all of us,” Treichel said.

MAPE’s upcoming initiatives include solidifying the First 30 Days program, revamping New Employee Orientation and streamlining our new hire communications.