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MAPE members ratify 2017-19 contract

Contract heads to legislative subcommittee for action

MAPE members overwhelmingly approved their 2017-19 proposed contract today (Monday). The proposed agreement was approved by nearly 98 percent of members voting. It was negotiated with the governor's team.

For a Q&A on our proposed 2017-19 contract, go here:

“We spent months negotiating a fair contract for workers and the Minnesotans we serve, and our members are pleased with the results. We believe once legislators review the tentative agreement, they should find it reasonable and vote to accept it,” MAPE President Chet Jorgenson said.

What's next?

The proposed agreement will be forwarded by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) to the Subcommittee on Employee Relations (SER), which will make a recommendation to the Legislature on whether or not to approve the contract.

If SER chooses to act, it must do so within 30 days of official filing from MMB. By majority vote, SER can vote to approve or not approve the contract on an interim basis. If SER has a tie vote or does not act, the contract goes into effect on an interim basis. If SER doesn’t approve the contract, the unions will continue to operate under the terms of their 2015-17 contract until the Legislature acts next year.

Once approved, MAPE’s more than 14,500 members will receive wage increases of 2 percent the first year and 2.25 percent the second year. Step increases will also be available for qualified employees.

“Lower-than-expected health care costs and a new pharmacy benefits manager allowed us to improve our health and dental care programs,” Negotiations Committee Co-chair Sandy Dunn said.

“Eligible state employees will now be able to take up to six weeks of paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child,” Jorgenson added. “In addition to paid parental leave, we were able to reach agreement on professional development and other items key to building a 21st century workforce which, in turn, will help the state recruit and retain the next generation of public servants.”

Professional development and advancement were topics that gained momentum during discussions led by local leaders with nearly 1,500 members across the state.

State negotiators agreed to form a Career Development and Advancement Joint Labor Management Committee to enhance career development by identifying best practices, barriers, career path options and educational/training opportunities.

MAPE and state negotiators also agreed to launch a pilot program on phased-retirement in a dozen agencies. Phased-retirement will allow state employers to meet their workforce needs while employees share expertise with colleagues before retiring.